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Do you like what the Minneapolis DID is doing? Have a question about our services? Want to share your DID experience with us? 

We're always interested in hearing from Downtown Minneapolis businesses, residents, employees and visitors. Email us at if you have comments, questions or feedback about DID services.

Business Office

81 South 9th Street, Suite 260
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Main: 612.338.3807
Fax: 612.338.0634

Operations Center

917 5th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Main: 612.332.1113

DID Staff

Steve Cramer

President & CHIEF Executive OFFICER

Phone: 612.338.3807

Lisa Middag

Director of Nicollet Activation

Phone: 612.656.3828

Ben Shardlow

Director of Urban Design

Phone: 612.656.3830

John Blair

Office Manager

Phone: 612.656.3822

Kristi Haug

Manager of Stakeholder Operations

Phone: 612.656.3809

Jeff Heinrich

Clean & Safe Ambassador Operations

Phone: 612.332.1113

Kathryn Reali

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 612.656.3820

Jesse Osendorf

Director of Operations

Phone: 612.656.3823

Shane Zahn

Director of Safe Initiatives

Phone: 612.559.2634

Betsy Dobel

Relationship Manager

Phone: 612.656.3810

Mark Remme

Communications Manager

Phone: 612.656.3824