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Adding More Eyes & Ears Downtown

Minneapolis DID Ambassadors patrol the sidewalks of the 120+ block district keeping an eye out for pedestrians in need of directions, suspicious behavior, medical emergencies, individuals in need of outreach services, lost property and potential hazards. DID Ambassadors also staff the Safety Communications Center, located at the Minneapolis First Precinct, where they monitor right of way security cameras, perform dispatch services, manage the DID Hotline and communicate on emergency situations, weather reports, events, traffic and more.

Prepared With Essential Training

Minneapolis DID Ambassadors are prepared to assist in emergency situations. All Ambassador are certified in CPR and first aid. These skills have helped save the lives of several individuals downtown including a choking baby and a business man having a heart attack.Training provided by St. Stephen’s Human Services helps Ambassadors identify and connect individuals on the street with outreach services including housing, treatment, and medical care.

Minneapolis SafeZone Collaborative

DID Ambassador at Holidazzle

In June 2009 The Minneapolis SafeZone Collaborative [501(c)3] became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District. MDID SafeZone partners with private and public safety organizations to develop initiatives and address key public safety concerns in downtown. Successful programs include RadioLINK, the Downtown Camera Registry, the Downtown 100 Chronic Offenders Program, St. Stephen's Street Outreach collaboration, MPD Police Reserves, Joint Beats, Youth Coordinating Board youth outreach, YouthLINK street outreach and MDID/MPD Safety Workshops.

Learn more about SafeZone and the Top 10 SafeZone Initiatives, and find out how these important collaborations work alongside the MDID Safety Communications Center located at the MPD's 1st Precinct.

Personal Safety Workshops

Minneapolis DID and the Minneapolis 1st Precinct Police Department partner to provide onsite personal safety workshops for the businesses, employees, and residents of the downtown community. Each workshop addresses safety trends, prevention tips and available resources tailored to the specific audience and location. For more information, please contact Shane Zahn at

Safety Information

The Minneapolis DID encourages you to stay aware of what's going on in the Downtown Minneapolis community and let local law enforcement know if you have questions or see suspicious activity. Click the link below for a list of helpful links that help you do both. Use the Minneapolis DID Safety Info page as a resource for staying connected to safety initiatives in the downtown area that helps law enforcement Protect, Engage and Enforce.