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Minneapolis 100 Restrooms Project

Improving Access to Restrooms in Downtown Mpls

Downtown Mpls is often a national leader, but we have work to do on public restrooms. They are:

  • Nearly invisible: There is virtually no signage to help visitors find a restroom.
  • Scarce: There are places and times when no restrooms are available.
  • Contested: Many restrooms that used to be open to the public are now closed based on maintenance challenges.

The consequences of this dynamic are not surprising. People who can’t find a restroom get increasingly desperate,and either have to ask for help, sneak into a private facility, or go outside. Property managers and DID Ambassadors wash away these results on a daily basis.

DID and the City of Minneapolis have partnered to try new, cost-effective strategies to get better outcomes.

Counting up to 100

We believe the solution to these related challenges is to improve access to restrooms. And the good news is that we are not starting from square one. There are 28 publicly accessible restrooms downtown, with three more being temporarily added through this project. Each one brings us closer to meeting demand, and becoming a downtown where public urination is rare because it’s unnecessary.

Downtown Mpls Restroom Map

View a map of restrooms available for public use.

We want to hear from you

We need a community response to this community challenge. Please share your experiences, feedback, and suggestions by completing a short surveyClick here.


Little Free Lavatory Pilot

Learn about our past public restroom pilots in downtown.