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Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District Clean and Safe Ambassador team

Who Are Ambassadors?

The Mpls DID Ambassadors are the friendly faces of downtown: people who are approachable and welcoming. They can offer suggestions for things to do, help with directions, and even open a door for you if your hands are full. The Clean Ambassadors also focus on making downtown shine and Safe Ambassadors are on hand to keep an eye out for you and your surroundings.

Familiar Faces

The DID Ambassadors are a wide variety of people with one thing in common: They love downtown. They each bring unique talents and interests to their work in downtown. Get to know them- they're an interesting bunch!


Become an Ambassador


If you love people and love downtown, then consider becoming a DID Ambassador!

The Ambassador program is operated for Mpls DID by nationally recognized Block by Block, a division of SMS Holdings, Inc. Click here to search and apply for open Ambassador positions with Block by Block.

Mpls Downtown Improvement District Ambassadors are on the streets rain or shine, 365 days a year


We are on the streets

Monday–Saturday:   6:00am–10:30pm

Sunday:                    6:00am–6:00pm


Skyway Hours

Monday–Friday:   10:30am–6:00pm
* seasonal pilot program