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Business Office

81 S 9th St. #260, Mpls, MN 55402
Main: 612.338.3807   
Fax: 612.338.0634

Nicollet Office

651 Nicollet Mall, #105, Mpls, MN 55402
Main: 612.656.3810

Operations Center

1030 3rd Ave S, Mpls, MN 55404
Main: 612.332.1113
Hotline: 612.332.1111


Adam Duininck

President & CEO

Phone: 612.338.3807

Kathryn Reali

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 612.656.3820

Ben Shardlow

Chief of Staff

Phone: 612.656.3830


Lisa Middag

Director of Public Space Engagement

Phone: 612.656.3828

Jesse Osendorf

Director of Operations

Phone: 612.656.3823

Mark Remme

Director of Communications and Research

Phone: 612.656.3824

Sharae Sledge

Director of Finance

Phone: 612.656.3827

Shane Zahn

Director of Safe Initiatives

Phone: 612.673.5701

Ann Moore


Phone: 612.656.3818

Victoria Artishon

Manager of Safety Initiatives

Phone: 612.760.7636

Kristi Colford

Manager of Stakeholder Operations

Phone: 612.656.3809

Brian Gjerde

Operations Manager

Phone: 612.656.3843

Christian Huble

Public Engagement Manager

Phone: 612.656.3840

Cheyenne Johnson

Manager of Community Engagement

Phone: 612.440.9515

Joe Kreisman

Social Impact Manager

Phone: 651.402.3284

Cheryl Howard


Phone: 612.338.3807

Josue Chavez

Community Development Coordinator

Phone: 612.656.3810

Ella Graham

Sustainability Coordinator

Phone: 612.656.3844

Dion Owens

Community Storage Coordinator

Phone: 612.330.9882

Kassidy Swanson

Climate Impact Corps Member

Michaela Taddeini

GreenCorps Member


LaVelle Warfield

General Manager Ambassador Ops, Block by Block

Phone: 612.332.1113

Angel Johnson

Ambassador Operations Manager, Block by Block

Phone: 612.718.7271

Sean Coburn

Ambassador Operations Manager, Block by Block

Phone: 612.999.0136