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« Wed Dec 5, 2018 »

Women Entrepreneurs: Build Your Fundraising Confidence!
  • Wednesday, 8:30am CST-10:00am CST   Ical event icon
  • Hear the evidence of how gender matters in the fundraising process. We'll discuss confidence-building strategies as you prepare for your raise. Join us to learn from others and share your tips in this community conversation. Fueled Collective is a shared workspace for growing businesses.
  • Location: 400 South 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN, USA - Fueled Collective (Formerly CoCo)
  • Tag(s): Downtown Events  Books/Readings  Community Events  Other Events 
North Local Market
  • Wednesday, 10:00am CST-7:00pm CST   Ical event icon
  • Join 40 local makers, live musicians, and more to celebrate the grand opening of the North Local Market. Get a jump start on holiday shopping and support local business while you do it.
  • Location: City Center, South 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN, USA - City Center
  • Tag(s): Community Events 
Timberwolves v. Hornets
Noises Off
  • Wednesday, 7:30pm CST   Ical event icon
  • In this rip-roaring classic, the audience is treated to a hilarious behind-the-scenes peek at an acting troupe rehearsing and performing the farce Nothing On. Despite nerves, dropped lines and technical difficulties, they make it through rehearsal and open the show. As time goes by, things deteriorate until pandemonium ensues and axe-wielding co-stars, drunken cast members and misplaced sardines take center stage during a disaster of a performance that threatens to jinx the old saying, “The show must go on.”
  • Location: Guthrie Theater
  • Tag(s): Theater 
2018 Holiday Show - $39