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DID Results Snapshot


Total as of 12/31/2017

Trash Removed (bags)


Graffiti Removed (tags)


Pedestrians Assisted


Annuals & Perennials Planted


Gum Spots Removed


Recycling (bags)


Weeds Removed (block faces)


Contests & Awards


We know we’ve written to DID before to thank all of you for your wonderful service to our great City, however, we were reminded again the other night as we walked home from a wonderful meal and encountered an ambassador.  Like many of your other ambassadors, she was just as cheery as could be.  We could see as we walked down the sidewalk how she was greeting others on the street, no matter what they looked like or who they were.  When we caught up to her, she greeted us with such a great smile, while picking up some litter.

- Downtown resident


Thank you to all DID Ambassadors. You make a difference for our city. It’s wonderful to be walking and to see a friendly face, someone who is giving directions, or who scooping up litter – besides the specific positive action, it creates an atmosphere of caring and friendliness. Thank you for all you do to bring out the best in Minneapolis.

- Downtown visitor


My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting one of your Ambassadors. We met her near the Mary Tyler Moore statue and she was kind enough to take our picture in front of the statue. She also took the time to explain to us the sights and highlights in Minneapolis. She was professional in her demeanor and made us feel welcome and even showed us the way to the light rail station. When we get back to Baltimore, we'll be sure to tell everyone what a welcoming city Minneapolis is. I believe she is a tremendous asset to your organization and enjoys making customer service a priority.

- City Commissioner


My boyfriend and I met an ambassador tonight on the Nicollet Mall. He was so welcoming and eager to explain the work you are doing to keep our downtown clean, safe, and thriving. I feel safer knowing that great people like him are keeping an eye out for the people who live in and patronize our downtown. We were impressed with how clean, well-lit, and busy the area was. We really enjoyed speaking with the ambassador and will absolutely will be heading downtown more often on the weekends!

- Downtown visitor


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Ambassadors. On Thursday, November 2, I walked down to the Jefferson Lines depot from a parking ramp in the St. Thomas area to pick up a friend arriving by bus.  We started walking back to the parking ramp about 6:15 or so when a women in a dark blue and green jacket and hat greeted up and asked if she could help us carry our bags.  She explained a little bit about the program and as we were walking along a very pregnant young woman tripped on the sidewalk and fell right in front of us.  We asked if she would like an ambulance as she appeared to be quite distressed and we weren't sure if she was in pain.  She assured us that she was OK, just a bit shocked. She also said that her car was just down the street a bit.  So we all elected for the DID lady to take care of her and we got out of their way. First of all  -  the greeting and help from the DID Ambassador was very much appreciated as we are ladies of 70 and 81 and it was windy and cold.  We were very impressed with the concept of the program.  We were also very impressed with her actions concerning the other young women. She walked her to her car and I'm not sure what transpired at that point but she was very willing and able to take care of an emergency situation.  I was also glad to see that she checked in by phone when she changed locations and situations - very smart for documenting activities and her safety. I was not aware of the program as I don't go downtown much but it is making that area much friendlier and I suspect safer as well. This should make a great impression on visitors - to have a real "Minnesota Nice" welcome.

- Downtown visitor


I was recently on  business trip and decided to check out your downtown, I immediately met an ambassador off the tram. He was kind enough to give me a map, show me the visitor center, and walk me to my destination. I ran into the same ambassador a few hours later a little lost from coming back from the river and he walked me back to the Tram so I could get back to my hotel. FYI, I also saw him see a women lose her wallet on the street when she was riding her bike and he immediately flagged down a policeman who caught up with the lady and had the wallet returned.

- Downtown visitor


I would like to tell everyone that one of your ambassadors served my son and I on 10-12-17. We lost our car in a ramp and had walked the entire downtown area for hours, she could see I was getting chilled so she gave me her gloves and found shelter for me inside to get warmed up. We discovered that both of us are cancer survivors, she could tell that I was reaching my strength limited and saw to it to find a place for my son to get me some food and the entire time she was grilling us for any pertinent information to pinpoint our location.  After a while, everything started to look the same to my son and I who both had been up since 3:30 am to travel from Harmony, Mn. I am disabled and in a wheelchair with a walker across my lap to enable me to take even one step. My entire hip bone in my right hip was eaten away by cancer and will never be weight bearing again. She also noticed my pain was starting to increase the longer I was in the chair and tried every conceivable way to assist me with standing to stretch. She really was our Angel - she walked with us for hours, never leaving us for even a minute and stayed positive right up until the minute we found the car. Please find someway to reward this remarkable, kind, caring, beautiful human being. I don't know what we would have done without her, let me tell you.

- Downtown visitor