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Downtown Community Storage Program

Stored. Safe. Secure.

We heard directly from those experiencing homelessness that the constant stress and anxiety of making sure your belongings don't get lost, left behind or stolen. That's why we launched the Downtown Community Storage program. 

Through funding from the City of Minneapolis, Ameriprise and DID, the Downtown Community Storage Program offers free storage for personal belongings for an unlimited amount of time. Currently located in the basement of Ramp B, our storage facility ensures your belongings will stay safe and secure. The process is simple, just: 

  • Bring your belongings to the Downtown Community Storage site (located in the basement of Ramp B).
  • Fill out a one-page intake form. IDs are encouraged, but not required.
  • Place your belongings in a bin. Each client gets one bin to store their personal belongings. 
  • Store as long as you'd like, just make sure to check in every 14 days. 

Storage Container


Monday - Friday:  9 am - 5 pm 


Wayfinding Directions: 

From the ground:

  • Located at the corner of 5th St. and 2nd Ave. North
  • Enter Ramp B from the bus lobby entrance 
  • Take the stairs or elevator down one level

From the skyways:

  • Enter Ramp B from Target Center
  • Take the elevator to the basement
  • Storage will be located on your right

Contact Us:

[email protected]

(612) 330-9882