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About the Mpls Downtown Improvement District

DID Service Level Map

DID covers a 120+ block area of downtown. The district is divided into two Service Level Areas: Premium (red) and Standard (blue).

The Mpls Downtown Improvement District (DID) is a business-led, 501c6 non-profit that leads and collaborates to create a clean, green, safe and vibrant downtown by convening,developing solutions, activating and continuously improving existing programs.

DID is primarily funded by special service assessments authorized by a City of Minneapolis ordinance. By state statute, only commercial properties are required to pay the DID assessments. However, as all properties benefit from an improved public realm downtown, some non-profit, government and residential properties voluntarily contribute. More than 64 million square feet of Gross Building Area (GBA) are located within the 120 block boundaries of DID. Properties are assessed for directly lineal services based on lineal frontage and for more globally benefitting services based on GBA. Charges are prorated to properties based on location within pedestrian service level areas. This three-part method best reflects the volume of people needing service and the level of services delivered.

Vibrant and Safe Downtown is an organization that brings the public and private sectors together to make the heart of downtown safe and welcoming for those who live, work, and visit here. In December 2004, the downtown business community approached city leadership to ask for efforts to increase downtown safety. As a result, Vibrant and Safe Downtown was formed by the Minneapolis Police Department. In July 2009, Vibrant and Safe Downtown became a subsidiary of the DID. The organization focuses on public safety through leveraging collaborative partnerships, technology, communication resources and strategic initiatives.
The Board of Directors is comprised of downtown property owners, employers, residents and leaders representing key constituencies and areas of expertise. The boards of the DID and the mpls downtown council allow for the same individuals to serve on the boards of both organizations, establishing the DID as a wholly-controlled subsidiary of mdc. DID staff oversee vendors, develop programs, advocate for the public realm, communicate with stakeholders and administer the organization